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Conquering Adversities Through Christianity

“I hope my money meets my faith cause reality's pinching” - Lyrics from “Dreamers”

San Antonio native, Jarrell Flowers, is an up and coming Christian rapper on the verge of making a huge name for himself. Also known as a motivational rapper, Jarrell has been using his platform to start a movement through his love for Christ and hip hop. Growing up with a culturally diverse military background, Jarrell was always keen in his sense of multiplicity, even as a child. As his family later migrated to Texas, he talks of his experiences as being Black in mostly

Hispanic neighborhoods and how he really didn't feel like there was a place for him to create a solid platform for his music. Since he didn't have a lot of exposure to mainstream rap during this time, as he started to write his own songs, he used inspiration from Cross Movement Records and the artist T-Bone. He wanted to find his voice and give a unique perspective on not only his aspect of hip hop, but other genres of music as well.

Jarrell’s style of rap can be seen as being very eclectic. Mixing everything from jazz, rock and EDM, he uses these multiple genres, partnered with edgy beats, harmonies and instrument arrangements to give listeners that hip hop feel, while still being inspirational. It almost gives you a vibe of a young Lupe Fiasco, trying out different sounds and raps structures that can still be flowed through different music genres. One of his songs, “I’m Awesome” touches on this dynamic a lot. Jarrell has takes on his own pride, but very humbly, saying “I’m not cocky, I just think I’m awesome”. He goes into the problems he once had with self-esteem and how he has overcome these issues and felt empowered through his loyalty in God and from the help of those who support his dreams. He uses his art to not only discuss his personal trials and tribulations, but to also shine light on how hip hop, as a genre, can be universally sound. He allows us to see that even Christian rappers can give listeners what they are looking for in hip hop.

In the hip hop realm, not only is it hard to break through in an ever-changing and saturated genre but it can be harder to break through as a Christian rapper.

Jarrell is making his mark and showing that there are more Christian rappers out here doing big things, besides the popular rapper Lecrae and Andy Mineo.

Through it all, Jarrell has been able to conquer his own adversities and used music as his outlet. Keeping God in control of his life has helped him propel his art to another level while putting his own identity into his songs, guided him to reflect of the different sectors of rap that he has always been exposed to. Jarrell hopes that his story will be one that helps bridge the cultural and historical gaps that are seen in today’s hip hop culture.

His new EP, “Between Dreams and Reality” can be found on all streaming sites, Google Play and Amazon music. Check out his official lyric video for his song “Dreamers”

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