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Buddy is the True Definition of Art Imitates Life

With all the different music out these days, sometimes we forget about the foundation of what makes a musician an “artist”. Compton rapper Buddy is exactly that: an artist.

Imagine Buddy as a painter; on his palette is love,gunsmoke, metro buses, and dreams all being artistically splashed on a blank music canvas.

Mama say that I need to be careful

Going downtown on the blue line metro

Car overheated and I can't afford a rental

Broke down Chevrolet, sitting on central

Turning on my headphones looking out the window

Lauryn Hill playing, it could be so simple -(Trouble on Central)

I have been putting everyone on this kid's music ALL WEEK. If you only listen to one more album this year, please let it be this one.

The album is called Harlan and Alondra, which are cross streets in Compton. Let’s dive a little deeper.


Buddy guides you through the city with the imagery in his lyrics and invites you into his mindspace as he deals with depression, adversity, and perseverance all over a groovy vibe. Instead of the stereotypical harsh and gritty tone that you may associate with Compton, you are met with melodic singing, funky guitars, and deep basses. It gives you a 70’s funky feel with modern day rhetoric. Sonically, there is something for everyone.

In his visual for his single, Trouble on Central, Buddy invites you to join him in his broken down Chevy as he lets his dreams battle his reality.

I wish upon the stars sometimes I wish I had a ride I wish I had the finer things I wish you wasn't so Cobain I wish I had you (sh**) And I wish I wasn't stuck on Central

The Compton artist illustrates this narrative so well through his lyrics. This song is about maintaining your aspirations while experiencing the harsh realities of being a black man in a struggling neighborhood. It highlights the juxtaposition between dreams and reality. This is what timeless music sounds like.

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