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Don't Let Jack Harlow Get in his Bag

There is no "face of hip hop" anymore and that’s perfectly fine with us. A few months ago, our Multimedia Creator, Lashae Ze Goddess, put us on this kid named Jack Harlow. Now, if you’re looking at the picture above, you may be one of the many that think “Nah, this kid ain’t hip hop.” Before you cast your aspersions on this artist, you might want to hit play first. I think when he was presented to me I listened to a track called Eastern Parkway. WOW. I’m feeling the flow and the demeanor.

A couple Friday's ago Harlow dropped a track entitled Sundown. The track meets you with a summer chill temperament mixed with a couple bars. Honestly, if this is the first track that you listen to, it entices you to want to hear what else the Louisville rapper is capable of. Trust me, he’s plenty capable of going off. Jack, you definitely made the Early Bloomers playlist bro. Looking forward to hearing more!

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