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Mac Miller’s Album Swimming, is a Skip Show

Remember that one Friday in July where the world was hit with a plethora of music? YG , H.E.R., Travis Scott plus more hit us all with good music. But there was one album that came under the radar with little to no anticipation from the Hip Hop community. Unfortunately, that was Mac Miller’s Album, Swimming.

Let me start off by saying Mac Miller’s Swimming was hard to get through. I found myself starting songs over and over just to catch things I didn’t hear which was ultimately the entire song. The album as a whole is skippable with a couple of tracks worth listening to like What’s the Use?, Self Care, and Wings. Sad to say but he could’ve gone a lot harder on this album, especially after his breakup with Pop star Ariana Grande. WHERES THE HEAT?!

Throughout the album the lyrics are relatable, and he continues this same soft rap tone per his last album. He manages to talk about his mental state and his ability to turn his addiction and shortcomings into art. In Come Back to Earth and Small Worlds, it seems like a self-evaluation. Maybe that’s what he was trying to portray with this album; how to go through a break up, deal with yourself, and bounce back.

Overall, Swimming seems to be missing something.

That "umph" that we all desire in hip hop music just was not here from him this time. In all honesty i give it a rating of 7/10 for lyrics and production, but again it’s...lagging and lackluster. His album cover is a whole other piece of work, there has got to be some type of symbolism behind his dirty feet popping out, right? But what Does it symbolize ?

I’m not disappointed as a Mac Miller fan because there are some pretty good tracks. He really needs to just sober up, get out of his head, and let go of the past. This is all Easier said than done though but as a fan, and I speak on behalf of everyone, we expected more from him!

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