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[Watch] Is Nicki Minaj's 'Queen' Press Run a Royal Disaster?

"The Queen" Nicki Minaj released her most recent project titled Queen and she has been in the entertainment headlines almost every day. The internet hasn't been buzzing with this much music drama in years and of course we all stop and want to hear from Nicki Minaj herself. Some of us may act like we don't care but since we haven't heard from her in so long a side from the music, we all want to hear her talk her shit.

After her long hiatus, it's safe to say she's going on this press run to continue to secure her spot, and clear the air of any misunderstandings. Recent news consist of her tour with Future being pushed back to 2019, calling Travis Scott out for beating her record sales, and speaking on any and everyone who seems to fix their mouths to speak on her career. Nicki has been doing one hell of a job keeping her name relevant going from platform to platform and station to station.

Check out her interview with DJ Whoo Kid and determine for yourself what's the real issue here.

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