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Taurean Shows How Solid He is in Just a 4 Track LP Titled MOM.

Another product of Denver is coming with fire: new artist, Taurean. Also 1/2 of rap duo, The Offense, Taurean is bringing a nostalgic essence to the indie rap game. He gives us all that we need to judge he is good at his craft in this short, but solid EP. MOM is a four track EP where he showcases all of his talents for the world to see. He has that classic “bump in the whip” type of flow, very reminiscent of A$AP Ferg or Bas. His focus on real life experiences while discussing his own character traits, makes him relatable to real hip hop listeners. He is able to smoothly transition from heavy 808's to a vibey R&B track and continues to show his range. Taurean’s swag is apparent in this EP, and if you put him in the right collective not only will he fit right in, but he still will be able to stand out as his own artist. (Mind Over Matter) .

Even as an up and coming rapper, he still has features on this EP. As you know, we love those who put on for themselves as well as those around them. Taurean has been able to build up his platform to put others on such as Jay Triple and Rachel Bailey. Having this dynamic of bringing together other indie artists is something that definitely makes Taurean stand out. The humility of a young artist is refreshing and reminds us even on the up and up, you can still look out for others. If it's one thing we love to see in the industry especially the independent rap world, is one helping other artist and creatives to be seen and heard.

Breaking down this EP, it was easy to get a feel for this artist. Tracks MOM and Drownin, although are very different, you can still hear some real soulfulness in the way that Taurean is spitting. He is so keen in his flow, he is able to mesh melodically with any beat/vibe given. Like a chameleon, Taurean is able to adapt this craft and make it his own. He brings a different perspective on topics that many other artists already rap about. This makes him stand out because he not rapping about what mainstream rap is talking about. His flow feels fresh, authentic, and relatable. In his song FWU, he touches on this saying, I swear I don't know now a days if these n*ggas crave the money or the attention. Even just shining light on the big trend of money and clout in the hip hop industry, Taurean assures his fans that he is not the one to "ride a wave". He doesn’t long for the facade, he is making his own path and focusing on real goals outside of what everyone else is.

I do believe once he breaks through the Denver hip hop scene, Taurean is most definitely an artist to look out for. He isn't mainstream but has the potential to hit it based off of flow and relatable lyrics to the normal day to day folks. The fact that he hasn't hopped on the bandwagon of what is deemed as hot has made him all the more different and respected as a rapper.

Check out his project on soundcloud below!


  1. Darkskin Boy

  2. MOM

  3. Drownin’

  4. FWU

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