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This is Only The Beginning: Nicki Vs. Cardi

If you been following The Rap Hippies for a while you know we don't do gossip. You know we don't harp into the BS that media sometimes put in our face when it comes to the artist behind the music. But today, we have time! Today I want to talk this Nicki Vs. Cardi B. Beef. We don't condone when beef gets violent but what we do condone is hip hop beef put on wax.

The question is, are these two capable of actually putting that energy they had during NYFW into some good music with BARS??

The two have been subtly going at each other for quite a while and we all wish they would just be friends. But we see thats so far gone after this weekends incident. I have my personal views on both, mainly Nicki, but I gotta save that for another day.

There is no doubt that this beef will continue. Hell it just began, let's hope its through music and not throwing anymore shoes.

Can we blame Cardi for finally going ballistic on Nicki? No!!! Nicki and her outrageous press run has been like a train wreck, definitely hard to watch, but you don't want to look away. She's gone on multiple platforms basically talking shit, and showcasing her "Personality". Now this personality of hers has gotten her into more trouble then she bargained for. No one was thinking the subtle comments was going to result into shoe throwing at a high-end fashion event but it did, and it showed us Cardi is about that life. The root of this of course are the comments made on Nicki's press run and baby bars in her music but apparently she talked about Cardi as a mother, and her child. We all know kids are off limits, especially from woman to woman. The blogs can give you all the nasty details and the messy mishap between the two entourages but we just here for the music! Both of them can throw shade on a song real quick, but who can do it the best is the question.

We all know Cardi is just doing this music thing to give the people what they want, she never wanted to be the best or be on top.. it just happened that way. Nicki on the other hand, is trying her hardest to keep her throne and be "Queen" of this female rap thing. Per rumors we know Nicki has done some behind the scenes things to people and trying to limit their career but lets see what them bars do and if she can uphold that same energy, while still calling everyone her "Son"! Cardi now has more then enough ammo to go at Nicki, and I hope she comes hard and uses it properly with, or without a ghost writer (Lol). When it comes to the music, this beef could really hurt or help the both of them. If Cardi comes with heat, her as a new female rapper, she will get her praise and respect in hip hop. And if Nicki flops like she did with Remy, well the hip hop community i'm sure will question her ability to be "The Queen".

This ain't Nicki vs. Remy, Nicki Vs. Kim, this is Nicki Vs. Cardi. The young and the old.

This duo just feels different, the results will be different. Cardi's crazy fan base vs. Nicki's. If Nicki doesn't come correct her hip hop aspect can go down the drain where she would have to redeem the respect. Luckily for her she will still have her "Pop" fans who have no clue wtf is going on.

Let's keep this fight clean ladies, and lets keep it on wax. Hip-Hop is a sport, Hip-Hop is competitive and we should keep it that way. We love a good back and forth but don't push the limit. If Meek Mill and Drake can beef on wax, have no physical altercations and then all of sudden be cool again then these two leading ladies can do that same.... I hope!

Which team are you on? Team Nicki or Team Cardi?

Who's gunna come harder with the bars?

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