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Big Brown is a Big Problem!

"What the f*ck they gon' do with me I only spew facts and don't entertain no buffoonery "

Big Brown is a Big Problem.That's right I said it. Funk Flex might drop some bombs on this but we drop WRAPS! This dude got the recipe and he EATIN! Word to our Lifer homie, Johnson Hayes, for putting us on. You ever just want some rappity rap where every punchline has you making the “eww” face? Well, now you’re in for a treat. Not only does Big Brown execute the necessities of a qualified animal on the mic, but his poise and confidence is very well received.

"N*ggas be mumblin for nothin sh*t is disgustin I interrupt em like if it ain’t Brown then it ain’t nothin."

I would love to see him on a track with the likes of other southern spitters like Big Krit, Deante Hitchcock or even the legendary Big Boi from Outkast. Not only are his freestyles crazy but he can actually make a song, which sometimes aren’t synonymous with each other. It’s time for some real hip hop and real spitters. Keep this dude on your radar because he’s not playin and he’s kickin down the door.

Not only will he rap circles around a few of your favorites but this Mobile, Alabama rapper is also the Co-founder of Lifer Apparel. Peep the track jacket in the video.

Watch Brown get busy on High Off Life Radio. S/O to the host of the show, another spitter, MicXSic.

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