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The Moment We Waited Too Long For: Tha Carter V

Tunechi has finally given us the green light on his next (and possibly final, don’t quote me) project, Tha Carter V. He, as well as any Weezy fans, know how long the anticipation has been up in the air and I’m talking four or five years at most with rumors continually swarming around the release date.


If you couldn’t figure it out from the first quote, Lil Wayne announced that the release date for Tha Carter V would be on his birthday, September 27th. He dropped a three-minute video clip on the internet which announced multiple times, clear as day when the release would be and debunking any rumors about the album there may have had. He also took the time out to humbly thank his fans for “hanging in there” with him and seeing this out. It is no wonder he kept saying he had something special for us.dat

"I hope you guys love this album," Wayne says in the clip. "With this album, I always give y'all all of me, but with this album, I'm giving you more than me."

The video also included the cover to the album which features Wayne as a child next to his mother.

His birthday is sooner than ever now since he released the video only four days before. Is Weezy going to live up to the hype? I guess only real fans would know the answer.