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Lo-pez: Reclaiming The Essence of Hip Hop

Straight out of the West coast, Denver rap artist Lo-Pez is making huge headway in 2018. His new EP “Rejuvenated” has dropped and the lyricism alone definitely makes you wanna double back a few times. His calm demeanor and chill vibe is one that is hardly seen, but refreshing, when its done on this caliber.

With a style reminiscent of Pac Div, Curren$y and Mac Miller, Lo-Pez is the perfect artist to give you the dope ass lyrics, while still setting that “smoke session” ambience. Passionate and savvy, Lo-Pez is the ideal rapper for those listeners who are still true hip hop fans. He does a great job at pulling out some authentic artistry in his work-- proving he is well-versed in his craft. From the beats and samples used in his production, down to his ad libs, it’s clear that Lo-Pez understands hip hop as an art form and does a great job at fostering that to make it his own.

As a new listener, it’s nice to see such humility of an artist this talented. Many of his songs focus on the changes within his life, as he eloquently tells us his story. This type of technique can be seen in rappers like Notorious B.I.G. or J Cole; where we are able to actually follow them through the song, and visually understand them. This style of rap is a great prelude to the many facets of Lo-Pez, we would never get to see, while still connecting to his listeners and painting a picture for them.

The “Rejuvenated” EP starts out just as you would expect: calm and soulful. “Mood” is the first track and it really sets the tone for other 11 songs. The slight use of piano with thick bass are paired well enough to have this bump in the car or just to play while cleaning the house

I like how this EP has many different elements so that its not all just the same track over and over. The versatility is there.Want a turn up type of song? Definitely let “Superhero” spin. Need something a little more neo-soul? “Lost Ones” is the track for you. Songs like “Don't Trip” gives more of a West Coast feel, while “By My Side” is more of that R&B energy. Being a person who LOVES a classic sample within a track, songs like “Monster” and “Good Fellas” definitely give that fix.

Ya'll make sure to keep an eye on this one. This is definitely an artist that we looking forward to seeing prosper in hip hop.

Check out his EP “Rejuvenated” on Soundcloud.


  1. Mood

  2. Good Fellas

  3. Cigarettes

  4. Don't Trip

  5. Revelations

  6. Lost Ones

  7. Superhero

  8. Get It Fast

  9. Monster

  10. Sacrifices

  11. By My Side

  12. Wound Up