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PUMA Pushes a New Campaign Encouraging Activism with #Reform

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

As we shift through the various issues surrounding the world today, we’ve found a way to make it easy to stand behind a cause. Hip-Hop, being an example we use our own outlet, and platform to assist in speaking for what we stand by. This past year, Meek Mill has become one of the faces in Hip-Hop to stand for a well-known issue that continues to affect the black community, prison reform. Being such an influential figure in rap culture, it’s refreshing to see that Meek has broadened this spectrum from his music, to important topics his fans may not be aware of. In his efforts to make his voice heard out loud, he has teamed up with PUMA in their new initiative to bring awareness to #Reform. PUMA’s new hashtag #Reform represents a push for equality that can be seen in many facets from gender biases, social status and even into the LGBTQ community. PUMA is taking on three tactics that they have successfully accomplished already; Funding through product, awareness through recognition and conversation through summits. As the campaign continues through this month of October, PUMA has also released a collection of sneakers representing, “Power through Peace” which we got a first look at designed by Lance Wyman.

PUMA has not only grabbed Meek Mill as one of their front runners, but also WNBA Basketball player, Skylar Diggins-Smith and U.S Olympian, Tommie Smith; who is in a nutshell, the man behind this #Reform campaign from his iconic 1968 Olympic picture. In the intimate sit down with PUMA, we got to hear Meek Mill, Skylar Diggins-Smith, Tommie Smith's, PUMA CEO Bjorn Gulden and PUMA Global Marketing Director Adam Petrick and their thoughts on #Reform and how these social topics are affecting us all as a whole. Meek, was there representing criminal justice reform, Skylar Diggins representing gender equity and Tommie, representing universal equality. It's nice to see people use their celebrity the right way. During the conversation with the three we were able to hear their real life experiences and why they stand behind PUMA #Reform. It was interesting to see that even though each person had a different platform and goal with this #reform campaign, they were able to come together for one common goal: awareness, activism, and equality.

The proudest moment in this sit was down is observing the growth in Meek Mill as not just a rapper but now an activist for the black community and in Hip-Hop. He went from being a voice to the streets to being a voice FOR the streets. Meek Mill continued to explain the evolution of his purpose since getting out of prison, and stated, “It was about family and friends that go through this situation... it was a God given lane that I needed to be a part of.“ His realization has opened up a number of lanes to make a change which he says he fell in love with doing. Meek Mill was able to delve into his past realizing that the system has not changed since growing up and into today. As he continued to tell his story, Meek took the effort while locked up to get into the books and dig deep to understand what's happening with the Justice system. Upon getting out, Meek has kept that same energy by continuing to learn through the people as he makes his public appearances to speak out loud on the issue the black community faces with the justice system. Jumping aboard with PUMA is just an add-on to his determination to do better and be better for the community.

As a Hip-Hop based outlet this is the kind of work we love to see and cover! We applaud all front runners who have teamed up with PUMA, but we give our biggest kudos to Meek Mill. As observers of the culture we've watched him grow from being on the corner in Philly battle rapping, to selling albums and mixtapes, to getting caught up in the injustice of the justice system, to now being the face of prison #Reform with PUMA. As Tommie Smith stated, "There is no moving forward unless you want to sacrifice." All front runners of this campaign have done just that but we see you Meek Mill. And we are proud and support your voice in this trying time in America.

We want to just say thank you PUMA for this amazing initiative in creating a conversation not just in Hip-Hop but in every aspect where equality should stand tall and be heard.

Be sure to continue to look out for PUMA and #Reform as they just announced a benefit concert where they teamed up with Tidal featuring a crazy line up including Lil Wayne, Ms.Lauryn Hill, Meek Mill and Anderson Paak, to name a few in Brooklyn. Keep eyes on PUMA and stay up to date in their hard work to make a change.

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