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The New Wave is RETRO

There comes a time when you are so immersed in in culture that it's apart of who you are. The music has such an impact you have no choice but to want to pay homage in your own way. What people find to be difficult is merging the new current vibes and trends while still doing so. Well, for Detroit artist RETRO this is apparently light work.

I keep seeing his name get tossed around so I decided to do my research a little further. I saw a quick promo video with his song Dope in the background (must listen) off of his album called nine1(deluxe).

The album is a style all RETRO's with a great 90's vibe undertone that I really appreciated because it isn't drowned in it. He's still him. He hits every region and era with a great spin on the classics. RETRO has the energy, presence and the skills to be a true factor in the game. He has his own flavor while still diving into what shapes him as an artist. Keep your eyes and ears open. His versatility is just beginning. Retro is currently on tour now check the schedule, he might be pulling up in a city near you.

Check out RETRO's video for his latest single Bounce 3x where he takes it back to the 106 and Park days and a very familiar music style and video we all remember. Check out the creativity of this Early Bloomer below.

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