• The Rap Hippies

88Rising; Creating a New Lane for International Hip-Hop

It was an interesting day in Hip Hop for The Rap Hippies as we embarked on a new lane in the genre, that we were not aware of. As hip hop enthusiasts, we were confronted by the Asian influenced hip hop collective called "88Rising" and was completely intrigued. Not going to lie I walked into 88 degrees and Rising tour in Atlanta blind, and not knowing what to expect . I heard of one artist Rich Brian formally known as Rich Chigga and that was it.

Walking in I was in shock to see the audience, I didn’t know if this was going to be a mixed crowd because of "88Rising" hip hop background and the Asian influence or what! Needless to say the crowd was LIT. From the various acts under "88Rising" the crowd enjoyed everyone who performed. With an array of artist "88Rising" holds a singer who fits in the R&B pop vibe, and few rappers that ranged from screamy emo Hip Hop, and Hip-Hop Trap. The crowd as a whole can definitely be described as being a cult like fan base. The amount of people I saw instantly reminded me of the K-POP scene, that I continuously see on television but never experienced in person. It was fascinating and almost had me in awe.

There were a number of acts before the headliner like Japanese rapper,Kohh, singer Niki, and the hip hop group from China called Higher Brothers, that came out before the headliners. Some people would the headliner was Rich Chigga and some would say it was Joji or Keith Ape. Regardless, each act brought a whole different aspect to the tour but it all meshed together in the perfect way creating this pretty cool and interesting collective. Kohh came with a more dark rap with Niki coming in perfectly next to lighten the mood into her R&B pop set. Of all the acts Higher Brothers shocked me the most, but it was ultimately pretty lit. This 4 man rap group had all the right trap beats to turn up a club from Asia, to Atlanta, and although I didn’t know anything they were saying the energy was amazing, girls literally screamed, and the venue was shaking to say the least. Other acts like, August 08, and Don Krez was also apart of the tour .

Talking to a fan of the collective they compared "88Rising" to TDE and how they maneuver as a business, a record label and a collective of talented artist. Again, I’m extremely captivated by this team as they went viral overseas and now on their first tour in North America as a collective. I’m curious to see what’s next and how will they break in the US. But I have no doubt in my mind the collective will succeed with the amount of fans that came out for the Atlanta tour. If you’re still unfamiliar with this unique lane of hip hop take a dive into their YouTube creative content and immerse yourself in the "88Rising" collective craze.

And if your following The Rap Hippies official playlist on spotify, you might catch an "88 Rising" member in rotation.