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The Storm Known as Jay Triiiple

When we look for talent we also look at their influence or the possibility of it. Do the ones around you hear you? Do they stand behind you? All these things are considered. We found an artist that has so much conviction in her bars we had to acknowledge it. Her name? Jay Triiiple. First things first, this is another Denver crusader but, this might be the one artist we see promotion the most for when it comes to the Denver Hip Hop scene. Jay Triiiple is originally from Illinois but, calls Denver home and they claim her PROUDLY. She seems to be the MC’s MC since we found out about her from other locals rappers in the area. What sets Jay apart from the rest? Her project Who’s Triiiple? & Who’s Triiiple? 1.5 is a good kicking off point. This is a humble rapper that has a bite back. Can’t stress enough that confidence in your delivery is so important to your approach in music. Triiiple has great production while speaking of aspirations and dreams but being focused is the most important message that she stresses like in her song Ready.

What people fail to realize is that not only are artist people,but sometimes the most vulnerable people walking the face of this earth. Their feelings are out for everyone to digest, judge and scrutinize.

Jay Triiiple roller coasters through emotions of a person going through what you and I do. In her song Damage, she gets personal and talks battling depression, demons and tribulations. "How true am I? How true Am I? Honest enough to confess I entertained the thought of suicide" These are open doors to her mind. Yeah, there are songs that get you hype but what’s a world without balance and more importantly an album. Along with being vulnerable with her highs and lows, Triiiple doesn’t disappoint when she delivers straight bars which is something that seems to come easy to her. This is a rapper that is climbing and she has definitely earned an Early Bloomer spot. Check her latest project below and even one of her latest freestyle videos over YG's Big Bank. Keep your ears open!

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