• The Rap Hippies

Tokyo Jetz Will Pull You In & Tear You Apart

I keep hearing this girls name EVERYWHERE and even remember my brother sending me a link to one of her tracks a couple months ago. Well, like we all know sometimes we have to listen to things on our own time or when we are fully ready to digest it. I'm feelin Tokyo Jetz! She brings a balance that I believe to be refreshing. Me personally, I don't like a female rapper that ONLY talks about men and her well...body parts, there's more to life. I get that it's going to be in there a little bit but what I appreciate most about THIS girl besides her versatility is her tenacity. The way she raps commands attention.

Mix the Florida twang and bars and this MC can go! I can see why T.I signed her to Grand Hustle. You need that hungry female in your squad to show the cute yet cutthroat side, kind of like a Remy Ma to Terror Squad. I will def be looking out for more from her and you should too. If you like a rapper that reaches in their bag for those bars check out her latest video for her song called simply Freestyle. While you're at it check out her latest album Bonafide below.

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