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Curren$y & Freddie Gibbs is the Collab I Never Knew I Wanted

And it works, perfectly.

It's a rainy day here in Atlanta today and I always bump something to match the mood. Weird right? Usually my go to is Goldlink At What Cost or Dom Kennedy Get Home Safely but, today I wanted to switch it up a little bit. Fetti just oozes chill and real playa like vibes. Curren$y provides his usual smoker steelo while Freddie Gibbs keeps the matches the chill but gangsta nonetheless.

I never saw this collab coming and never thought about it on the track but hearing the pair together really ushers in a great collaboration. The sounds and lyrics almost create the score for a new movie. Each track puts you in a different scene. I listen to both artist separately but never imagined them together past a feature. It's always good for a surprise collabs that come unexpected but compliment each other like these two have.

With all sonic sounds from the world famous producer The Alchemist, Gangsta Gibbs and The Hot Spitta team up for 9 tracks of smooth beats and chill flows as two true vets in the game. And who told Freddie to get on Now & Later Gators hook trying to get his Teddy Pendergrass on? It works tho haha! Check it out below.

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