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Jessie Reyez Shows The Power In Being Human On Tour

It is funny how in life we often find things that we love accidentally or by chance. Whether it’s that $20 that you found in the street or that last nug that you completely forgot to smoke, those small tokens of good luck often provide the most joy because they tend to arrive when you least expect it and aren’t looking for them. On August 31, 2018 Eminem release the studio album Kamikaze, and at the very end of the album are two bonus tracks, Nice Guy and Good Guy. At the time, I didn’t know it, but these tracks would lead me to finding a hidden gem. These two tracks were my introduction to Toronto’s Jessie Reyez.

After hearing Jessie on Eminem’s album, i did some more digging and instantly became a fan, and naturally, when she released her second EP Being Human In Public I was all ears. That excitement grew with the announcement of the Being Human On Tour and as luck would have it, Jessie came to Atlanta last night and performed at The Loft.

I need to preface my next statement by saying that I have been to a lot of shows in my lifetime. I’ve seen Lauryn Hill, Big K.R.I.T. Janelle Monae and many more live. I say that to say that I have seen some of the greats performing live.This Jessie Reyez concert was one of, if not, the best show I’ve ever been to.

The night began with opening act Savannah Re of Toronto and Dj Rosegold. Rosegold did a great job getting the night started with a dope blend of music. It was cool to see a Dj scratching live. Savannah Re is a talented singer with a beautiful voice and dope music to match it. She has a confidence about her that will take her far in the business. She does need to work on her command of the crowd, but that will come as she continues to perform and earn her stripes.

Savannah leaves the stage, and the crowd begins to start chanting for Jessie. As the band comes to the stage and does a final sound check, the cheers grow louder. The lights turn off as the Dear Yessie starts playing. A blue light comes on and out comes this girl in a black hoodie: Jessie had arrived, and the building erupted.

The energy in there was absolutely electrifying. Jessie is a natural performer, with stage presence like I’ve never seen before. There is an aurora about her that is palpable, and it is evident through her command of the crowd. I kid you not: we were packed in there thicker than a pitbull’s head, and she had every last one of us eating out of the palm of her hand. Jessie performs with the passion and aggression of a battle rapper.

It was like taking URL’s Tay Roc, giving him the voice of an angel, and packaging him in this 5 foot 3 inch girl. This performance had everything from piano, drum, and guitar solos to full-fledged tears being shed as Jessie talked about depression before singing Figures.

All and all, this show was well worth the $25 entry fee, and I strongly recommend you check it out if Jessie is coming to a city near you.

Jessie’s Setlist

1. Dear Yessie

2. Track Apple Juice

3. Fuck Being Friends

4. Imported

5. Sola

6. Gatekeeper

7. Nice Guy (paid homage to Eminem)

8. Shutter Island: this guitar solo!!!

9. Saint Nobody

10. Body Count

11. Figures

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