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The Beat Auction We All Been Waiting for is Coming to Atlanta

Atlanta has done it again and brought something new to the scene in the music game. Bringing attention to the most crucial part of music, this is an event that is finally giving love and showcasing producers. On Tuesday, Nov 13, TMI is presenting “Beat Auction Atlanta” hosted by DJ Holiday. What makes this beat auction different then some others that we have been to in the past is that its featuring some pretty heavy hitting producers. Infamous producers like Zaytoven, Drumma Boy & J White, producer of Cardi B's new hit single “Money”, and more. With names like this we're curious to see the artist that come out who want to work with the producers, and if they are worthy, and because this is a first event of its kind, we're excited to see what kind of tone is going to be set for similar beat auctions in the future. What also makes this event even better is the beat auction is not only going to show off exclusive beats to its guest but also benefits go to a non-profit Atlanta based Music Education Group to help the youth. So not only is TMI helping artist, but they are doing the community a service by making sure the youth who's passion is music is also taken care of. This is definitely an event you don't want to miss, and if you've been inquiring as to the faces behind some of the hottest songs we hear on the radio then you need to be here. Most importantly, if you're an artist who is serious about their music then you'd make sure you’re in the building by any means necessary.

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