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The Wolf Of East Atlanta: DiCaprio 2 Review

Have you ever been out running errands and realized that you forgot to eat? For example, maybe you were at the mall doing some last minute Christmas shopping, and your stomach tells you it’s time to eat. You head over to the food court and decide to go to the Chinese restaurant because you love the sample of teriyaki chicken that they give you every single time that you walk by. As expected, the meal is pretty satisfying and fulfilling. However, an hour and half later you are hungry again. That’s how I felt listening to J.I.D.’s DiCaprio 2 Let me start off by saying that this is a great album. I can honestly say that there is only one, maybe two songs that I would skip, and considering there are 14, I’d say that’s a pretty high batting average. J.I.D. sounds hungry as he feasts on beats throughout the album like a lone wolf on the hunt. J.I.D’s voice was made for rapping. He sounds great on a beat, and his ability to switch flows effortlessly is impressive as seen on tracks like Mounted Up and Despacito Too. Lyrically, J.I.D. Shines as he shows he can go bar for bar with lyricists like J. Cole, Method Man, and Joey Bada$$ on tracks like Off Deez and Hot Box.

Sonically, J.I.D. shows his versatility has he spits over a wide pallet of sounds. Tracks like 151 Rum and Westbrook are certified trunk rattlers, while tracks like Skrawberries is one of the smoothest beats I’ve heard in a while. There is even boom bap beats sprinkled in for lovers of that sound. My only gripe with this album is that it left me wanting more. The chicken and rice were delicious, but I wanted some broccoli and carrots to go along with the meal. J.I.D. is a great rapper, however the vast majority of this album is JUST that: him rapping over dope beats.

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