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If There's No Room for Brya Woods...She'll Make it Herself

We talk music constantly amongst the team. Who's hot? Who's falling off? Who you need to listen? Recently I brought up the topic of R&B and oh it sounds a little monotonous these days. Although there are few exceptions, R&B is starting to have the same dark undertone. I want something different. Something with a more original feel to it.

Atlanta's own Brya Woods certainly brings a lighter mood to the somber tone we have been accustomed to in 2018. Her latest single Papercuts is a good song that shows the singers fun side but also her ability to make a solid hit. She gives you vocal ability, originality, a catchy hook all in one track with the assistance of songwriter Felly The Voice who has written for Chris Brown, BBD and 112.

Coming fresh off a global tour with Usher, Brya Woods is showing that she is ready to hit the ground running. Vonte Vendetta directed this visual in a great way making it his own. Love the creative direction of the video and choreography of this visual? If your answer is yes, you can thank Brya for that too! She was also the creator of the concept as well as the choreographer! See that's what we need in music, artist that like to get their hands dirty a little bit and show their creative side more.

Bottom line. This song has a the potential to be a hit and Brya certainly has the talent and charisma to back it up. Brya has great production backing her too. Grammy award winning Blac Elvis produced this particular track and you might recognize his name from producing for artists like Ludacris, Fergie and Nelly to name a few. Check out the video below.

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