• The Rap Hippies

Top 5 Rappers with the Most Nutritious Bars of 2018

A lot of music came out this year and you know what that means, lots of bars. Listening to The Rap Hippies playlist, I felt compelled to write about who had the top tier bars out of everyone this year to me. Let's break down the top 5 of some of the most impactful and in no particular order.

1. Mozzy

Mozzy is a good place to start with this post. From the sonic sound to the gudda lingo he uses when he describes his geographic and environment, Mozzy goes "Yay yay." If we're talking strictly bars the way he commands even the first line will instantly pull you in and the wordplay will have you trying to catch up. Listen to one of his most notable songs of the year off Gangland Landlord below.

2. Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey is having a year that is long over due to say the least. Besides his success, the LA rapper puts so many gems in his bars it is literally motivation for any ears that has the time to sit down and pay attention. Aside from dropping what can be considered black economic lyrical gold, Nip also keeps it street at the same time. If you're looking for a healthy balance of the two the entire Victory Lap album is a good one but in particular check out this song below.

3. J.I.D

I don't know what planet this dude is from. He says East Atlanta but I'm not so sure anymore. I'm actually convinced he's a rap experiment that embodies a special chemical or something haha. J.I.D's album DiCaprio 2 is full of stories and crazy beats but the reason why it made the list is because this dudes flow is easily unmatched because it's such an anomaly right now. His rhyme patterns are all over the place to the point where you can hear when they had to change the beat because it hits like 3 different pockets in one song. THIS IS A RAPPER'S RAP ALBUM. Listen carefully to that and how the uniqueness of his voice caters to the direction the bars are going. Check out one of the standout songs Slick Talk.

4. Kur

Imagine that you're in the hood in Philly and someone is literally narrating their entire day right in front of you. That's Kur. From being posted on the block, making a way for himself, home invasions, depression and more, Kur leaves every part of his soul on every track. It's almost like he leaves every drop of himself on every record re-ups on the next one just to leave it on there again. THAT'S HOW HUNGRY HE SOUNDS EVERY TIME. Not to mention, he also has a flow that you can't help but be drawn to.

5. Meek Mill

Last but not least Meek has got to make my list for so many reasons. He’s quiet in person but Meek’s verses on his album Championships felt like a rebirth. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wrote a lot of those verses behind bars. There was so much pain and heartfelt emotions in the more deeper tracks. Every ear I’m sure was tuned in because of the North Philly rappers past imprisonment and he over delivered on the anguish that took a front seat in his life. Meek opened his soul and left it out for the world to see in the only fashion he knew how, all bars.

What I love about this list is that this is just 5 that I really felt this year but I could go all day. S/O to all the rappers that still believe in rapping. 2019 is a bigger year. Needless to say, bring on the bars!