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[Watch] Goldlink Checks into 2019 Early with 'Justine's Interlude'

I think enough time has passed, At What Cost was a CLASSIC!

Now it's time for the follow through and hopefully it's almost that time!

The Grammy nominated D.C rapper had a particularly quiet 2018 only releasing a few songs and only a handful of features, we didn't hear much! From the interviews that I've seen, it appears that Goldlink is extremely introverted and speaks the most through his music which is absolutely fine to me. So that's what I waited on.

Today, as I was on a Youtube binge, I came across a new Goldlink Colors session titled Justine's Interlude I sort of thought of this as a "Since I've been gone" appetizer to hold us over. In the song he talks about his feelings concerning relationships and even briefly gives his account of where he was when Mac Miller died. It's short but meaningful. Needless to say, Goldlink is back. Now can we get that next album or?

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