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[Watch] Problem Puts On Other Artists in a New Way in Spotlight Visuals

First things first S2 is out on all platforms.

One of the most respected rappers in the game is probably doing one of the most respected things I've seen in a while. Problem is taking some of the rappers featured on his new project and only doing videos with their verses. Talk about selfless. Some rappers are more known than others but they all go!

In the first video you can find Problem in a corner store not saying a word as the camera follows him outside meeting lyrical monster Nick Grant as he verbally gut punches the beat before the video ends.

In the next video, you find Problem in a moving truck simply park it, make his way to the back and lift the door only to reveal Inglewood up and comer and one of my favorites as of lately, Rucci. Rucci hops out and delivers warning shots and doesn't mince words. Check out both videos below, maybe we can get some more.

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