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Anderson .Paak Brings His Rare Energy to Atlanta

As I waited to be escorted to the photo pit with other photographers we all traded stories and tips from previous shows. We then began to discuss the talent and energy of Anderson .Paak on his records. One photographer said “I shot him at another festival, you guys are in for a treat.” Later, a girl named Stacy came to us and handed our passes out as we eagerly followed behind her to the front of the stage waiting for Anderson’s arrival. The crowd was vibing to the west coast anthems that filled the room along with everyone's anticipation. This was my first time at the Coca Cola Roxy but they really do a great job logistically and security wise to ensure that everything goes smoothly, everything seemed pretty seamless.

We got to the front of the stage and I took a look behind me to see a sea of people, so I whipped out my phone to take a quick video of the strategically placed illuminated logo that read “Andy’s Beach Club” then BOOM, the lights went out and the crowd ERUPTED.

You hear a “test, test, test” and instantly Anderson opens the show with Who R U? from his latest album Oxnard. Anderson first emerged to the crowd on a drum set. What was very interesting to me is that he has a thin sheet overlay in the front of him and his band The Free Nationals.The dark red light created a shadow on him and the other members of his band at first which made it little difficult to make out faces clearly along with the sheet, it created a mystique.

The crowd didn’t care, phones were up and voices were screaming from all directions. After the first song, Anderson hopped off the drum stool in his yellow bucket hat and Vans and came around the sheet to truly reveal himself only to be met by an even more electrifying welcome. He was even joined by huge pillars of smoke when the beats dropped, it was crazy!

Not only does his sound pack so much instrumentation but when he’s not on an instrument he is dancing all over working the stage as the crowd cheers him on. This performance is a hard one to top live, he went through all the hits effortlessly going back and forth to the drums, pure talent. The crowd looked thoroughly impressed and satisfied and rightfully so. I’m still trying to process his showmanship, WOW. It’s like he is a great musician but also knows that you are taking pictures so he’s going to show out for the cameras! So much energy, I mean look at these pictures! He is talent is truly unparalleled. So was this amazing? Yeah, that’s putting it mildly.

Not familiar with the music yet? Shame on you, click below.