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You're Selfish! But Tierra Whack Understands

I hope the world is preparing itself for what this girl is about to bring to the table.

The Philly….excuse me GRAMMY NOMINATED Philly rapper Tierra Whack steps in 2019 with a new title and a new song! Congrats to this rapper/songstress.

This song serves as something that we all go through at some point in our lives, the selfish gf/bf. Tierra is tired of it. She starts the song about how much she longed for someone like this guy but he messin' it up!

Love the song? Good, because Tierra recently said in a Beats 1 interview that she would be releasing a new song every week and not to worry, they won't be just 1:01 like every song on her last project Whack World. Enjoy!