• The Rap Hippies

All Aboard the #MilkyWayTour

Another solid tour to end our winter off right. In standard #Dreamville fashion, yet another one of their rising stars, Bas, came to the city last week and brought us some good vibes. The tour has been running since November and has been hitting major cities statewide. Being that ATL was the last city before the tour's international leg, its safe to say that the "fiends" showed up and showed out. Taking place in one of Atlanta's hidden gems, The Masquerade, the show began with openers Correy C, Innanett James and RexxLife Raj. All of these artists brought their own edginess and swag, that was able to put the crowd in a very eccentric vibe. It was surprising to see how much energy the crowd had for these indie artists so I was pleased. That type of love is definitely hard to maintain, especially in a packed venue.

Once Bas stepped out, I pretty much felt the whole floor shake. Definitely was an exciting experience from start to finish. He had a great set design, simple yet effective. I've never seen him perform in person before but his stage presence was amazing. Such good crowd engagement and went into his bag a little, bringing out older songs like "My N*gga Just Made Bail" and "Too High To Riot".

It's so refreshing to see an artist like Bas doing his thing. Definitely can't wait to see what he has in store for us for the rest of 2019. For now, check out the project if you haven't already.

#bas #BayArea