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Solange Review: 'When I Get Home'

Now that Solange's album has been out for a min, I was able to fully sink in all of the artistry that Solange gives us. As I was riding down 75 South the first time I heard "When I Get Home" . It was rush hour traffic and I thought “what a better time than now”. It wasn’t that I was stalling more so I needed the right time to listen to Solange. Her latest album feels like a continuation of A Seat At The Table but there’s a significant feeling of growth attached to it while possessing the same clear and smooth melodic feel. "When I Get Home" is actually a great album to go to sleep too, and i don’t mean because it sucked or it’s a snooze fest. Just production wise, her soft and airy voice matched with a slow, track is pretty soothing. The use of repetition in songs like “Things I Imagined” and Time(Is) almost put me to sleep, but I was also searching for more. What did you see, Solange? What did you imagine?

In its entirety, I really enjoyed it. “Almeda” and “My Skin My Logo” are my favorites, but it’s always in rotation from start to finish. I wouldn’t say I had a least favorite song because they all are different yet, great in their own way. Solange truly did that!

They’re not the exact same, but there are some similarities. Solange’s use of interludes to help with the flow and storytelling of the project is still used in "When I Get Home", just like when we were taking a seat back in 2016. I use to skip interludes, but there’s isn’t one I wouldn’t listen to over and over again, especially “We Deal With The Freakin’” with the smooth transition into “Jerrod”.

Overall, I give it a 9/10 for production and flow. Listening and watching some of the visuals that were dropped on Twitter solidified the entire project and brought it all together. "When I Get Home" will definitely help grow back the edges you lost from A Seat At the Table.

Let us know your thoughts.

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