• desiiTee

The Album We Didn't Know We Needed

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

As 2019 is coming to its mid- point we were just hit with some news from two of hip hop's realest rappers. The two are actually in the works of a joint album. Not only are they two of hip-hop's realest, but I think we can all agree that these two were relatively slept on until this past year. From making noise here and there to becoming Grammy nominated or having 15 album songs making Billboard Hot 100, none of us expected this joint venture was next on their list. Who would have thought Nipsey Hussle and Meek Mill coming out with a joint album was something we absolutely need right now. It’ll be refreshing to say the least that these two MC’s who both have great coming of age stories come together in musical form. It has taken both rappers some time to get under everyone’s radar but this is perfect timing.

Meek is an east coast rapper who has been in the game for quite some time and has had a number of ups and downs with his hits and mixtapes that sometimes went over peoples head. Fast forward to now, his new look and brand as a prison reform advocate on top of being a rapper, have made people listen to him more. With his recent project being a prime example, Meek took his pain and emotion to music and produced a great body of work. To be honest, this project was the most I’ve ever listened to Meek and proud is an understatement.

Now we have Nipsey from the west coast, who has been in the game for quite a while as well, but he’s ALWAYS stood by something. He came out with his highly anticipated album Victory Lap, last year that turned out to be on EVERYONE'S Top 5 Rap album of 2018 and was even up for a Grammy nomination. I can say Nipsey is out here making a major change in the black community and bringing awareness to a good handful of things from tech, entrepreneurship all the way down to real estate. Nipsey as a whole is a rapper you just ultimately CANNOT hate on.

Bringing two of these raw like artists together will make for an interesting and heavy hitting compilation . Both produced fire albums this past year and putting them together can't be anything short of amazing. As many of us think of a joint album with rappers, it’s hard to ignore when Jay Z and Kanye West took on this musical move, so when I see other rappers take this on its hard for me to not compare the duos to that classic pair. I feel like Meek and Nipsey doing a joint album gives me so much more than Jay-Z & Ye. It’s no shade to the two musical geniuses but Meek and Nipsey represent something different. Meek and Nipsey ultimately have a story to tell and putting them together will make for a great narrative. What I hope is that this joint album doesn’t fly under the radar. I hope it has its hits and makes it way to mainstream and radio so that these two can continue to get the recognition they deserve.

There is no set date for the album, but looks like Nipsey has been on a little press run confirming the news of the joint album. Although, I don’t think it’ll be coming soon, I appreciate Nipsey giving us a heads up on the project. We can all agree that this is music to look forward to.