• The Rap Hippies

Hit-Boy...The Silent Assassin

Okay this guy is a constant heat maker in more ways than one but his name doesn’t get mentioned nearly as much as it should. Let’s take a further look at Hit-Boy and his quick strikes that have landed him where he is today and remains a quiet kept household name.

Hit-Boy is a Fontana, California born and raised producer that has managed to keep his name relevant behind some of the biggest hits today. Many of us know Hit-Boy for the forever classic Jay-Z and Kanye colossal banger Nigg*s in Paris but when I was going through his catalog, I felt like I’ve been sleep over the years. Although that may have been his claim to fame Hit-Boy picked up that accolade and kept going. He originally started out on Myspace but after a random message from Atlanta’s own Polo Da Don he never looked back. Since then, he has been behind CLASSIC HITS, you hear me? Trophies-Drake, Clique-Kanye, Jay Z, Big Sean , XO-Beyonce, Goldie- A$AP Rocky just to name a few. If we’re talking recent work he has added Wow Freestyle-Jay Rock, Sicko Mode-Travis Scott, 100 Summers-Meek Mill and Racks in the Middle - Nipsey Hussle under his belt too.

Recently, Hit-Boy has not only produced new bangers but casually slid from behind the sound board in the booth with LA native Dom Kennedy to form the duo, Half-a-Mil. As if his production catalog isn’t enough Hit-Boy can flow too! I have to say that even if it did come out in 2017, Courtesy of Half a Mil might be one of my go to albums. Hit-Boy and Dom complement each other extremely well on this album matching each others player like lyrics and chill cadence all surrounded by Hit-Boy’s beats. It’s really unfair now, he’s probably one of if not my favorite producers turned rappers. His catalog is stacked so much now he’s just in his bag having fun and it’s working. Don’t ever sleep on Hit-Boy, he’ll body you with beats and the mic. What’s next for him?