• The Rap Hippies

ERYS Is Coming

Jaden, formally known as Jaden Smith has decided to share some light fire with his fans dropping a snippet of his upcoming album, using a three-track EP titled "ERYS is Coming" as a teaser. The album is suppose to come out later this year, let's hope sooner than later.

The album title "ERYS" is the reverse of Jaden’s first album "SYRE," this may be a clue as to what is on the horizon for his next project. The evolution from SYRE will be impactful on this upcoming album with his recent successful Coachella performance.

The three-song sample opens with a strong trap-heavy ensemble creating the presence of the EP. It makes you believe that Jaden is demanding your attention right off the bat and stimulates it throughout as well. The EP includes some sonic manipulation throughout, that is specific to Jaden’s artistic delivery as well as lyrical tenacity with harmonic melodies of his own taste mixed within.

This upcoming album will be an interesting depiction of Jaden’s ever-growing artistic mentality of pushing limits and finding your own path. Jaden has seemed to always go against the norm, and we can't wait to see what he has up his sleeve.