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[Watch] Joyner Lucas Pleads for God to Trade Fallen Angels for the Corrupted in 'Devil's Wor

It's time to trade up!

Joyner Lucas respectfully addresses God's motives like we all inadvertently do at times in this song that reflects back on the good people gone too soon. Paying tribute to people in songs is nothing new. Joyner not only wants to shed light on the people we've lost, but wants to replace them with the corrupted people that are still walking this earth. That's a real human emotion.

Wanting someone no longer here isn't the best moral thought. When someone that is so impactful on the world with such positivity suddenly passes, we may tend to think about all the people that are doing the exact opposite and question their purpose. I think you can name a few right now. Joyner is just saying what we all are thinking. Like it or not. I feel you Joyner. Check out the video below as Joyner reflects on the fallen.