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East Atlanta's Own Fleetwood Fred is the Southern Sinatra

Imagine if Nate Dogg was from East Atlanta. Yeah, it's that serious.

Take a couple of your favorite songs and add the some Trill to it. East Atlanta's own Fleetwood Fred literally just mastered that in a 20 minute project. Imagine a slow R&B song drapped up and dripped out. Fleetwood takes his smooth cadence and lyrical entrapment to execute this project into his own and is perfectly titled Ballads of a Southern Sinatra. No one makes music like this anymore. He does a great job of being himself and pulls you into his world of candy paint, woodgrain and of course good smoke.

I harp on the flipping of great songs, lines and cadences on this project but the original content is just as good. Fred has channeled something not many have. He takes a style we all know as nostalgic and breathing life into it to make it consumable for today's hip hop listener giving a fresh take. This project is an absolute MUST listen. One of the stand out tracks to me is One of Them Days, where FF takes a classic Monica song and makes the hook his own singing the chorus himself in true playa like fashion. Instant classic. Click play and listen to the whole project. It's a top to bottom kind of deal.