• The Rap Hippies

Dababy...Cocky or Confident?

A lot of people don't know how to describe Dababy. But I do. I'll start from the beginning . I was online one day and came across a video where a few ATL street dudes decided to approach the young rapper while shooting a music video. The group essentially pressed the rapper from across the street with the complaint that he didn't check in with them first. While on set, Dababy basically lets the group know that he is not for the checking in and he's already got his stamp so to speak with the right people in the neighborhood. I'm going to be extremely honest here, the reason I even went forward looking up Dababy's music is because of how he handled THAT situation. That was what pulled me in. The first song I listened to was one of his stand outs called Blank Blank and Beeper. Fair warning, this dude is cocky! Extremely. Oh well!

North Carolina is obviously known for Dreamville front runner J.Cole but there are a few other future stars in the making. You have King Mez, Lute and now Dababy. It's tough but they're doing it. Sure, Dababy is braggadocios but HE'S GOOD! His world play is clever and he speaks with a very honest tongue.

Dababy doesn't mince words at all and sure it's not the most enlightening but when us (The Rap Hippies) talk about GOOD ratchet music, this is what we mean. He is someone that is creating his own sound and not conforming to the auto tune wave of things as much. His live performances are full of energy and he's extremely charismatic while he's actually killin' it. Stay tapped in for what Dababy is doing, he's definitely someone to keep your eyes on and I really want him to peel back that layer and show us the other side of him but until then he's the one that keeps the party going and that's perfectly fine. Check out some of his music below.