• The Rap Hippies

Rappers Want to be Like Jay-Z? Stop Rappin’!

Well, not exactly...But hear me out.

Hov is a little passed a business man at this point, let’s call him a renaissance man for the sake of this argument. Wow. Hov has reached a point that no rapper ever has and I’m sure he’s not done yet. After reading more on how he acquired his billion dollar build up I thought to myself, y’all JUST rapping?

There are so many other rappers that are doing things outside of music that are a perfect example. Logic has taken his passion for video games and created a YouTube channel that has grabbed a whole different audience and in turn made himself an asset to the entertainment industry along with music. Mozzy just purchased his first apartment complex and look at the Lox! Talk about changing with the times, The Lox went from hustlin' on the corners of NY to starting their own juice bars! And of course you can take a huge page out of the late great Nip Hussle's book of creating opportunity and being innovative.

Take the money you make to invest! Look how far down Jay Z’s music catalog is on this list. Use your influence to make waves in other industries. Rapping is a great start but you want to guide your brand so eventually you can be attached to something outside of your rapper persona. Sometimes companies will come to you but why not expand your opportunities, right?

Just a brief lil' spill but hope you heard every word.