• desiiTee

G.O.O.D Rapper Valee a Hit and Miss

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

In Atlanta, there’s always a stage to perform on but it looks like there’s a new one that happens to be on tour, and it might be worth going too. Def Jam and Convousier teamed up to create their new stage, "Amplified- Icons on the Rise” and their stop in Atlanta featured rapper Valee. I’m hoping some people know rapper, Valee, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t. Let us catch you up real quick cause he's worth someone to know . Valee is a Chicago rapper signed to G.O.O.D music, and has been rapping for a good little minute, and if signed to G.O.O.D you can't help but assume he's got some kind of edgy talent to him . Being that I’ve heard of Valee in the past it was cool to see him actually on a stage, but I was wanting a little more from the “artist on the rise” on stage. There were points where he didn’t have much stage presence and what’s upsetting is he legit has some hits, and a nice flow. If given more energy from the crowd, not just the ones in the front, I could have felt him and grown to like and appreciate him more. There were points where he was just on the stage rapping, and not much energy. I really look at it like, if you're not feeling your song with a crazy amount of energy, how can we?

I hate seeing rappers for the first time and their energy doesn’t match what I was bumping in my car before arrival. And this is exactly what happened. As I stood back and watched I wasn’t just honing on Valee's performances but also the Atlanta crowd. Hell, even Atlanta has got to do better too!! Granted we are a hard crowd to please but as an observer, you came to this show for a reason. It couldn’t have been for the free drink tickets, because I wasn’t hip to free Courvoisier before getting there. I genuinely came for Valee. To add on to the entire show, for him to be a rapper not from Atlanta and point out how dry Atlanta was not only made me cringe but made me think about a lot when it comes to impressing this market (article for another day... soon). Atlanta seems to always be the stop for up and coming rappers because of our rich hip hop community but we make it so hard for artist to “feel” and “vibe” the way Atlanta does to get the crowd going. I guess we gotta see you more than once to understand and like the talent. But nonetheless, Valee is talented. I will say, good thing Valee had a little pocket of folks in the front going all out to him. I’m sure he saw and appreciated them because as an bystander I did and was glad to see the ones who showed up and showed out for for this "Icon on the Rise".

If you’re still unfamiliar with Valee make sure you check him out. As one of his most popular songs, and of course, the one he ended the show with; "Womp Womp Ft Jeremiah which can also be heard on the new Netflix Film "The Beat".