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The Ladies on ROTD3: Why They Should Be on Your Playlist After Today

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Before ROTD3 came out we were all anticipating the amount of heat it was going to bring to our ears. With a roster already so clean we all had high expectations of the project. But we can all agree on the amount of of BLACK GIRL MAGIC that was presented. It just feels like shea butter as your listening, and smells like juices, berries, and coconut oil when you look at the list of ladies included. We already knew Ari Lennox was going to be on ROTD3 and stand out on the project, as she is First Lady of the Super collective. What we didn’t expect is this wide range variety of young women who all cohesively fit into the album and made every song special they were all on . All the ladies in RODIII fit with each other and give off this unexplainable vibe that you know people aren’t really hip too. It’s amazing that Cole recognized what the music masses needed and gave them this platform to be showcased.

If your unfamiliar let’s give you a recap!

Yung Baby Tate:

Hailing from Atlanta this young rapper has been working her ass off and setting the scene with her unique and eccentric style. The voice of Yung Baby Tate has attracted such a fan base that if you’ve never seen her or heard her, her fans will make you want to do some research to see her hype. Yung Baby Tate’s innocence and shit talking is actually great to see. At first you're a little taken aback because this looks like a little girl on stage but then you begin to appreciate it. She is just a chick having fun, and you realize she’s a grown ass woman who has the power to do what she does. Seeing her on on a major album after seeing her come up in Atlanta is maybe one of the best feelings a music observer could feel. When you’ve just seen someone work and go show to show really working and they hit a milestone like working with Dreamville you can’t do anything but take a step back and applaud. Yung Baby Tates part as the only female on this "I love you, I hate you" type of song, "Don't Hit Me Right Now", comes across just as smooth and innocent as her looks. She manages to still come with the shit to give y'all a taste of who she is.

Baby Rose:

Another Atlanta native, Baby Rose graces the album with such a voice you’d never think would come from a young woman like her. You’d think by her appearance she’s a quiet, meek and a soft type of artist, but the moment she opens her mouth it will instantly blow you away. She has a voice this generation has not experienced yet and I am really here for it. She’s another artist who has been working in Atlanta and her name has floated around so heavy that the Atlanta music scene is so appreciative of her. If you haven’t heard or felt the feeling that Baby Rose gives you, you might want to hurry up. It’s such a trancing voice and something beyond it’s time. Her voice following Ari Lennox on "Self Love" is just perfect.


Whew what can I say.... I knew nothing about this beauty but she stood out on her track like a sore thumb in the best way possible. Her on "Sleep Deprived" instantly made you step back and say, “Who is this!?!” DaVoinne is fairly new but looks to have been working crazy hard that she was able to get on this mastering project. The San Antonio singer has a few projects out that looks like she’s still feeling through the music industry. She still has this cool SoundCloud essence to her but once she puts more and more out all eyes will be on her. Check out her current project "Ex's & Oh's".


We all know Dreezy has been doing her thing for quite sometime and her on this compilation album reminds you of Dreezys ability and that subtle notification to not forget about her out here working. Dreezy is this female rapper that we need sprinkled in our ear from time to time. Her voice of attitude is demanding in a sense where you want to know her lyrics so you catch her vibe. She makes you want to rap word for word with her with the same amount of attitude she delivers on the track. Her voice on "Got Me" fits like a puzzle with with the back and forth ness of Ty, Ari Lennox as the singers and Omen and her as the rappers. The whole quad gives me Busta & Mariah Carey FT. Flipmode feels. It's like a “I Know You Got Me” 2.0 just by the dynamics of the the people on this song. Glad Dreezy was able to get some shine on this. It's well deserved and she found her place amongst a strong collective and thats big.


I don’t even know how to describe what Mereba produces. It’s such a serene calming sound that it reminds me of an African American literature book I read in college, it has a southern feel to it and her voice paints a picture. Her voice is filled with so much softness and soul that like Baby Rose she can put you in a trance but it has a bit of neo-ness to it. This isn't Mereba's first stand up with the boys, she has been on tracks with JID, & Earthgang known as Spillage Village. Like the others, she has been doing this for quite a while and it was only expected she’d be on this project with her track record. Her added flavor to “PTSD” as it opens the song is an immediate tone setter and she did her thing. In her short verse she was able to show her rapping ability and more importantly her singing voice.

St. Beauty:

The Atlanta duo also known to be associated with Janelle Monae's camp "Wondaland" have had their name in the Atlanta streets for a very long time as well. These two are no stranger to the game with there soulful voice and eclectic sounds. The two bring so much out of each other but it compliments so well. You don't realize their voices together is something you need. Although St. Beauty had a small part on on the track "PTSD" it ended the song perfectly into its jazz horns and followed by Buddy's outro. I would have loved to hear more from the band on Dreamville but I'm satisfied with what was presented, and happy they were able to get on this project as well.

Ari Lennox:

The sweet sweet soul of Ari Lennox was always expected as stated earlier, she’s First Lady of Dreamville. Her realness of what happens in a girls life and what we deal with, from sexuality, our wants, our needs, our power, smoking weed and just everything about her words have resonated with the black girl today in so many ways. I can only image how Ari Lennox feels with all of the recent praise she has gotten ( which is well deserved) and her career shift. Amongst the list of girls above, I can only imagine her to be like this “big sister” figure but with a shy, humble, innocence vibe behind it. Her voice on the tracks she’s on we’re damn near made for her. From “Got me” to “Self -Love” I’m just glad we got Ari on more then one track.

We can all say this compilation just went down in Hip-Hop history because the people on this project in general are amazing. In addition of the women above CANNOT go unnoticed. Granted the guys on Revenge of the Dreamers 3 gave us fire, but let's not deny what the beautiful black queens did for this project as well. Kudos to everyone who played a part in giving us good music that we knew we needed. We're especially proud of the Atlanta natives that we've seen grow over the years and end up on such a high profile project. Ya'll better jump on the bandwagon for these women and treat yourself to some tasteful music.