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6 Rappers That Can Sing Their A** Off

Because sometimes you just gotta sing!

There are times where the one two punches and lyrical acrobats take a back seat and rappers just want to express themselves in other ways. It's becoming more and more common that rappers find themselves hitting a note or two in a song and can even surprise some of their fans. Of course you have the front runners, Drake, Wiz, Kendrick, Nicki Minaj, Big Krit and more who switch things up and turn their voices into a instrument that really complement the track. I love the versatility. But, they aren't the only ones that one ups their own tracks. Some of our new favorite rappers are showing us their ability to be double talented, and far from afraid to harmonize.


Russ is a one stop shop for all things when it comes to his artistry. Along with his gift of lyrical gab he finds himself tapping into a world where notes suffice more than hard bars. He does just enough to tie the hook in with verse that creates a catchy hook out of it all that his fans go crazy over. He kills it and he still has bars!


Atlanta fire lyrical machine, JID, goes crazy on tracks with different patterns but also knows how to slow it done. His voice is already a unique one in itself and he has full out songs where he is just singing the entire time and although they are not crazy ranges the feeling that he is trying to convey is there. He went IN on his track from The Never Story Hereditary .


I actually had to talk to desiiTee about including Buddy in this list because he harmonizes and sings so well and so much on tracks you forget that he raps too. One of his most stand out songs of last year was Trouble on Central and when you can do that song flawlessly live you doing something right.

Tierra Whack

This girl is about to take over 2019 in so many ways, she already was nominated for a Grammy so eyes are on her already. In her visual head turner Whack World, she showcased not only her creative side but her rapping and singing skills as well. Flea Market to me was the first small glimpse of what she can do and it continued throughout the project.


Boogie might be my most rapper that dips his toe in the singing pool. I think it's honestly because his singing/harmonizing is so heart felt it may even get you emotional and feel what he does at times. Boogie's singing pulls so much emotion into the track because of his monotone voice but the pain and emotion is what takes the song to another level. He actually harmonizes on a lot of tracks but one of his most recent is his song Skydive. CLICK PLAY immediately on this one.

Deante Hitchcock

The Southside ATL-ien is super bar heavy, there's no questioning that. As the lyrics unfold, sometimes they take a backseat and turn into melodies where rap just don't cut it. We all go through pain and Deante has no problem reaching deep down in the pit of his feelings and channeling his inner Jodeci. Sure, he may be joking but at the ,same time you feel where he's coming from and the most important part is, it's effective.

It's a common misconception that you have to be classified as an R&B artist to hit a note or two. No, you don't have to completely blow the tune out the water. Sometimes you just need to convey your feelings in a different way and experiment with your talent. Give the fans something different. Besides the bars, these rappers dig and makes songs so much better when they do.