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Did JD Just Help The Female Rap Game?

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

How disappointed are we ALL by the comments JD has made in regards to female rappers? How dare you insult the females in the industry when you're suppose to be this gatekeeper. With all due respect, JD should be ashamed of himself for even speaking those words. He really just showed the world that he doesn't listen to music.

As a music head who is pretty well versed, the moment he made his comments of stripper rappers I was instantly taken aback and rolled my eyes. It's a little concerning, and looks like you're just listening to surface mainstream music. As a music executive from one of the most pivotal time in Hip-Hop, are you not crate digging anymore?! Did you forget that there are more artist out here besides the ones who get the radio package? We know that mainstream folks that are played on the hour every hour that they stuff it down our throats.Let me say this,there is nothing against those mainstream artist because they all play their role and play it well. But let's keep it real, there are some bar spitting females out here that speak on more than the sex appeal that is required for the radio package. In the past few days, we've seen comments of people throwing their thoughts out and naming other female rappers to prove to JD that there aren't just women out here stripper rapping, and I LOVE it!

What I will say is, high key, JD just helped the female rap game just a smidge. After his comments, there was dialogue not just created for the sake of standing up for other female rappers. When was the last time we had this kind of conversation exposing one another of females in the rap game? Shout out to Cardi B for being one of the first to speak up and check him about who is really out here. Quickly after her, we had Doja Cat, Melli, and Trina even had some words to give regarding his comments. The funniest of them all, is Ari Lennox diss song to JD. So now this has become a pretty good conversation, that makes a lot of people want to see who else is out there.

So lets name some female rappers:

Just take this list below and make you a playlist while your at it.





Doja Cat

Rico Nasty


Princess Nokia

Stefflon Don

Young MA

Snow Tha Product



Yung Baby Tate


Bali Baby

Panama Jane

Your'e Welcome !