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Da Baby & Nicki Minaj Make for a Pretty Good Combo

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Its been a while since we've heard something good from Nicki Minaj, the "Queen" herself. As we've been so caught up with other female rappers, she always finds a way to subtly sneak in a verse here or there to get brought up in the mix. As her most recent song, "Megatron" was released the buzz on it didn't last but so long and only was kept in rotation per "The Barbz". But leave it up to Nicki Minaj to giving us a verse on one of the hottest songs out right now "Suge" by North Carolina Rapper, Da Baby. She released the track on her show, Queen Radio". It never fails but she always gives us better heat on featured tracks or remixes then on her music. We can all admit that most of Nicki Minaj's hottest bars come from her being on other people's songs. I think it's her trying to shit on the other people on the track and not in a bad way but it pushes her to give us bars and to an extent prove her ability to stand up with the boys.

This verse on "Suge" doesn't fall too short, but she gives us typical Nicki along her animal sound adlibs, but what's a Nicki verse without that. If you're a street fighter fan, you might just appreciate her bars, which made me say "Okaaaay Nicki, I see you."

I say "Choke me," he do it every time that we do it Nigga packin' like Hewlett, I told him, "Damn, nigga, you lit" On that D goin' stupid, got my ass-shots from Cupid You could just ask Ken, he be like: "Hadouken!" (Rrrh)

Referencing her Boyfriend, Ken and Ken from Street Fighter with the "Hadouken" was pretty damn clever.

Check out the remix below & let us know your thoughts.