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'The Bonfyre' is Bringing the Heat!

The catchy, edgy vibe of the Bonfyre mixed with the sensuality of 6lack came as a nice surprise over the weekend. The release of her newest single "U Say" is definitely one that got my attention.

If y'all haven't been hip to the Bonfyre this far, let me catch you up:

As a soulful r&b singer, the Bonfyre first came on the scene, making Youtube videos. Her 80's/90's wave got her a lot of hits and eventually got her noticed by venues to perform live. During one of her performances, she was discovered by Raphael Saadiq. Upon meeting him and getting more connections, she also got some serious attention from L.A. Reid and was 1 of the 8 people signed to his Hitco label.

In listening to her new song, "U Say", I feel like it hits the nail on the head with our generation and our justification of "situationships". Being the main vocalist, The Bonfyre, is saying she wants to be alone, do her own thing, while her guy, 6lack, is "saying a lot of things" but really not saying what she's on. I think this song will able to ride out for a while just because of this aspect. I know so many people are probably going through this same thing, trying to feel vibes out and saying a lot of things without any real action.

With such a catchy beat and easy-going vibe, this is definitely a track that we can ride out to this summer. Not sure if it'll be alone or with a significant other... but either way, its a bop.

The Bonfyre's debut EP "Ready to Love" is available now.


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