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Ari Lennox Gets Nostalgic in 'BMO' Visual

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Everyone who listened to Ari Lennox's debut album Shea Butter Baby immediately knew BMO was going to be the next single after the album titled track Shea Butter Baby Ft. J.Cole. With this track up next, Ari gave us exactly what we expected for the visual; sexy, colorful, and refreshing. The first lady of Dreamville is for sure making her mark in the R&B realm of things at the rate she is going.

For me, the song itself gives off a 90's Mya vibe with her wording but if you listen closely this has that very familiar Busta Rhymes beat written all over it. Although Woo Hah, Got You All in Check by Busta gives off a grittier feel, just go ahead and slow it down and you get BMO. Of course, we must give credit to the original track by Galt McDermot Space from 1969.

As we watch the visuals for 'BMO' transpire we instantly see her inspiration, DING DING DING, straight out of the classic 90's music video book itself featuring just a little bit of fish-eye lens and floor camera looks.

Ari Lennox channels an era that we all love in this video, even incorporating the crazy tickling effect Busta and Missy used too. She even includes the soft colors that feel similar to Total's video Trippin' circa 98'

Ari gives us the 'in your face' visual that if you were raised in the 90's you greatly appreciated. The video is fun and vibrant which is something we need right now in the midst of this chaotic world.

The only thing I'm sure all of us want is for the track and shit, even the video, to be a little longer because we really can't get enough Ari Lennox. At least she pulls over one of her skits from the album and checks on the garbanzo beans because we all wanted to make sure they were done too girl!

If you missed out on the trending video, check it out below.