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SiR Checks Back in with New Single Ft. Kendrick Lamar

A major drop came from the TDE camp over the weekend and y'all know we love to see it. As a major fan of SiR and his eclectic feel, we were excited for this release of his new single "Hair Down " featuring our boy K. Dot. The song pretty much touches on the fact that as an artist, getting more attention is not SiR's goal. He just wants to "let his hair down" and not worry about the perception of his stardom. The video symbolizes this well by setting up scenery of SiR's life being under a microscope.

What makes this video super dope is the fact that the transitions are so fluid. It starts off with camera flashes from the paparazzi as they berate SiR while he lights up some marijuana, to panning directly to him in the car, smoking. The majority of the video, we see weed as being a key highlight as a "negative view" of SiR but the use of the light purples, pinks and blues, set the tone for a very "high" feel, almost dream-like. This was good use of transitions, also showing how he can be using weed as a form of self-preservation in his head. It keeps him levelled while so much chaos is around him. His laid-back flow shows that too, as we're hearing his comfortability.

Its only right Kendrick made an appearance on this one. His cadence during his verse gave a sort of calm yet playful feel in that, he was kind of "letting his hair down". This is also shown by the constant shots flipped upside down and the use of mirrors, showing duality of real vs. perception of himself. Kendrick being able to mix his own harmonies as his spits with SiR's harmonies was a nice cherry on top of this track.

Make sure y'all check out this new release on all major streaming platforms and the video on Youtube!

Give it a watch!

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