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Long May She Reign: An Appreciation of Rapsody’s 'Eve'

So, I’ve sat here for an hour trying to think of how to start this review. Normally, I start with a personal story before connecting it to the album. There are very few albums that have left me speechless. Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Childish Gambino’s Awaken, My Love are just a couple of examples to provide context. I have no words to describe how Rapsody's Eve made me feel, but I’m going to try my hardest because this album is absolutely amazing.

This is the type of music that I want my 8 year old niece listening to. Before I get into the sound and rhymes, the concept itself is worthy of praise. Each song is named after and centers around prominent black women throughout history from Michelle Obama to Afeni Shakur and Sojourner Truth. Reading up on each of these women adds an additional layer to this album that I have not seen in music in a long time.

Sonically, this album is exactly what you expect from a Rapsody album: beautiful samples chopped to perfection. This album features samples from Nina Simone, Phil Collins and Herbie Hancock. This album sounds like 9th Wonder and Rapsody were completely in sync. Every track sounds perfectly crafted for the feMC’s voice.

Lyrically, Rapsody continues to show why she is hand’s down one of the best rappers in the game as she covers topics such as the beauty and strength of black women, as well as relationships and the importance of self-improvement.

To be honest, I could go further in depth with this album, and it still wouldn’t do Eve the proper justice. There needs to be a master’s thesis done on this album. Though it is early, this is easily an album of the year candidate. Stand out tracks include Ibtihaj, Myrlie, Hatsheput, and Sojourner.

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