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The Many Ways Earthgang has Teased and Trolled us with their Anticipated Debut Album, Mirrorland

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Fresh Music Friday is here and if there's one album I know the entire Rap Hippies Collective is excited for it's this one. Following up on working on the RODIII album, Earthgang has made perfect timing to releasing their album after the hype of being apart of Dreamville and one of 2019's best projects. Of course, this was an extremely smart move that we must salute to the label being that that they pushed to push Mirrorland after RODIII.

As we know Johnny Venus and Doctor Dot make up the Atlanta based duo and have been killing it and giving us eclectic weirdo hip-hop vibes since 2006. Co-Founder of The Rap Hippies, K-HiSox, just recently reminded us the first time he saw Earthgang while we were in college at the old Apache' near the Varsity. If that doesn't scream throwback and show that these young men have been working working, I don't know what does. As we reminisce on such an amazing group we are now faced with there highly anticipated debut album that comes to us after their trilogy EP Rags, Robots, and Royalty; that first dropped around this time in 2017.

We were first exposed to new music from Earthgang earlier this year as they dropped a song with Young Thug titled "Proud Of You", and making appearances on Colors, unofficially releasing another song titled, "Up". As we saw the artwork for "Proud of You" earlier this year it takes on a spiritual outlook which isn't new to Earthgang, but the song is represented on a tarot card. Looking at it retrospectively it appears Earthgang has been hanging on to this concept for quite some time. We now know this looking at the everyday social media post they have dropped, which started on Monday before the Friday release. Instead of a handwritten note of the tracklist which is popular amongst rappers. Earthgang gives us something different, creative, and so them. They dropped each song's artwork and credits, on tarot cards in a week leading up to the release.

Upon releasing the day to day tracklist images, Earthgang also released the artwork of the album which looks like inspiration from Michael Jackson's 1991 Dangerous, and also in the bigger image on Instagram looks to have a photo that resembles Barack Obama as a distraught child. At the end of their social media campaign, they send us off with information that they will be selling their personal Earthgang deck of Tarot cards and last but not least an Earthgang game that is reminiscent to a 90's arcade game available on Apple and Google Play.

Now, in my honest opinion does the game go with the concept of the Tarot cards? Nope, not at all, but if anything, they just took marketing to a whole other level, and many of ya'll should take notes.

Of course, with the release of all of these assets, it is more than fitting for Earthgang to be thought-provoking. This group is so outlandishly different, confident, and have created a space for others like them its amazing to see. You can already see and feel the vibe from their social media regarding this album, and we can't wait. The lead up to today's release have done exactly what Earthgang wanted; they teased us with creativity, trolled us with different concepts, and thought-provoked us with their belief, all while being in the space of Hip-Hop. The icing on the cake in doing all of this, is that they're from from Atlanta, and represent a unique side of Atlanta that many outside of the city aren't too familiar with.

All I can say is, mission accomplished because as your fans we are intrigued and anxious to take a step into Mirrorland.