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5 Rappers We Forgot Were Brothers in 2020

The Hip-Hop world is one complex place but it's the one complex place we love to love on, and never surprised by what it produces. Hip-Hop holds so many truths, secrets, lies, and gifts but there's one more that makes the genre so family-oriented and makes sense to our culture. It ends up that a handful of rappers between the years have ended up being BROTHERS and makes the music all the more better when we know that family energy is involved between beats and lyrics. As we're in quarantine, we want to show ya'll what fun facts we are finding to just randomly stay afloat at this time. As the days are starting to just run together we are finding things to just talk about. One of the conversations came up was, "Who's related in the industry?", as we started talking several rappers ended up on this list and we were either surprised or simply forgot.

1. Warren G & Dr. Dre

This was the most surprising where all of us had no clue this was a thing. Warren G has talked about it a few times and what it was like growing up with Dr. Dre in the past but it was so overlooked because we don't see them together a lot. The two don't have a song together but "Regulate" was one of the first singles off of Death Row Records where we know Dr. Dre was home to for many years.

2. Project Pat & Juicy J

Project Pat & Juicy J are more than likely the funniest brothers to probably be on this list with both having a crazy persona. Project Pat isn't officially apart of Three 6 Mafia but you'd think so with the number of tracks they have worked on together. Project Pat and Juicy J is always a favorite collab and the family aspect of it all makes it better.

3. Master P, Silkk The Shocker , C-Murder

As Master P continues to dominate the business side of things it is no secret that "No Limit" was created with the help of his brothers Silkk The Shocker, and C-Murder. "No Limit" is a prominent label in the culture and broke many boundaries for rappers and labels after. While C-Murder is still in Jail, Master-P and Silkk The Shocker are still grinding the "No Limit" way.

4. Chance The Rapper & Taylor Bennet

The newest siblings we love to love, straight out of Chicago have become fan favorites. Chance The Rapper hitting the scene first with his mixtape Acid Rap grew to have cult like followers as he first hit the scene. Later Taylor Bennett surfaced with no confirmation that they were brothers but there was no denying because the two look just alike. Both exude a unique rap style and over the years have been loved not only for their music but for how family oriented they are when it coe

5. Pusha T & Malice

We saved the best for last, also known as "Clipse". Pusha T & Malice who have become one Hip-Hop's favorite rap group brothers out of Virginia Beach. They have produced a number of hit's that can easily go down as classics out of the early 2000's. The two haven't been a group in years but appeared together on Kanye West recent project, "Jesus is King"reminding us why we rock with Clipse even in 2019.

Honorable Mentions

  • Russell & Rev Run

  • Brandy & Ray-J

  • Da Brat & Lisa Raye

  • Princess & Lil Jay (Crime Mob)