• TayDay

A Peaceful Performance By Jhene Aiko

My Piscean sister has brought us a gem this quarantine and we can thank NPR for it! I have definitely been feeling their home editions of Tiny Desk, as of late, and Jhene Aiko was the perfect addition to my list of dope performances in 2020. With the release of her album, Chilombo earlier this year, Jhene is proving her discography will still reign supreme. As a long-time fan, I was elated that many of her classics and some of her new songs were set on such an intimate stage.

The ambience of this Tiny Desk was amazingly peaceful. In the spirit of calmness and serenity, the entire set was filled with blue hues and accents. Sound bath instruments were implemented as Jhene used them to begin her first song, Lotus. These singing bowls are usually in many meditation practices as well as singing practices. They are used to essentially “bathe” you in sound waves, guiding into healing processes and even opening up the charkas. To me, her true artistry was shown simply by using these types of instruments to tone her voice.

This is definitely something you don't see often in vocalists.

The addition of the harp, piano and guitar added an extra element of tranquility to this performance, which I think kept me even more engaged to these acoustic versions of her songs. She tapped into a few singles from her old mixtapes, Sailing Souls and Souled Out, before giving us a debut of her newest songs from Chilombo. Sensual and soothing, this home concert was truly an essence of peace and definitely solidified Jhene Aiko is a timeless talent.

Click below for the whole performance!