• NaeTheGoat

#AtTheCribFest Sets The Tone For In-House Concerts

We all miss the ambiance of in-person concert culture; thousands gathering in front of the stage anticipating their favorite artist on the lineup, speakers echoing throughout the crowd, 2-3 days of different artists and vendors. Truly an unmatched feeling. Pre-Covid was a time to be alive! Even from the comfort of their own homes and studio spaces, the artists for #AtTheCribFest still knew how to put on a great ass show! I had the pleasure of “attending” At the Crib Fest from my dojo and I was far from disappointed. Different than what I’m used to, but I appreciated the more intimate dynamism from each performer.

This was just the first of 3 virtual installments and it’s kicking off to a great start. This year, we had sets from Baby Rose, Deante Hitchcock, VanJess, and more ending with Grammy-nominated R&B singer, Lucky Daye. Newcomers (well new to me) Asiahn, Moses Mosima, and Chrystel brought their own melodic flavor to the show that made everything sound seamless. With roughly 2-3 songs per, the concert lasted about an hour with each moment allowing the artists to bring us into the space with them.

Although the venue was different, the excitement was all the same. Being that it was powered by Toyota, there were short ads in between, but that didn’t take away from the experience overall. It's now available to everyone on Youtube. Take an hour to yourself and have a concert in right your bedroom. Get ready for your next in house concert because two more installments are coming in August and December and I can’t wait to see who’ll be gracing our screen next!