• K-HiSox

Boom Boom Boom!: The Griselda WWCD Tour Experience

As I sit here I'm trying to think of how to set this particular scene, I think I've found an angle. Imagine being on the subway, going to a bodega, using your metro card, etc, daily and the routine that an up north city may bring. It's kind of a transplant story of sorts. Your family moves to the south and life is not as fast paced as you once felt. After you try and adjust try you get homesick from time to time trying to find pockets of home in different places that you can grab onto. I'm sure this is the sentiment of many transients including myself. Last night out of the 1200 people in attendance a good percentage of them got that feeling.

I got to the venue and it was like an immediate geographical displacement, I was no longer in Atlanta. A sea of Timbs, Giants jerseys and even Buffalo Bills hats flooded the line at the Masquerade. It was definitely a sight to see. "Yo what's good B?!" a guy shouted meeting up with a friend getting into the line, I just stood by and observed the atmosphere. One of the things I wanted to look for the crowd that the Buffalo trio brought out ....and it's people that look and act just like them for the most part!

Finally walking inside was a site to see, it was packed! We went to the top of Masquerades Heaven venue and waited and waited and waited. The DJ was good, gauging the crowd that was primarily from up north, NO SOUTHERN MUSIC WAS PLAYED. Instead of playing southern music he played deep cuts of NY music (Prodigy, NORE, Fabolous, DMX). Now, let me say this, the music was a good mix of nostalgia and energy but you can only do that for so long. Doors opened around 7 and it was about 9:00 at this point and with 1 opener already done. Now 9:45 rolled around the host Fort Knox, who always does his thing, tried to get the crowd ready for the next act, big mistake. The crowd began to boo as they thought Griselda was about to make their way to the stage. An affiliate of the group, Flee Lord approached the stage with all the energy in the world and even though the crowd wasn't happy he wasn't the Griselda, he was pretty good! Going to definitely check out more of his music. After Flee Lord was done I thought to myself "Okay good opener, we're ready now."Nope, yet another affiliate of the trio hits the stage and is good as well but yet and still not a good time for anxious fans.

Finally, after 3 hours of waiting, the group comes out one by one to perform 1-2 singles followed by the next member to make their entrance. First it was the most animated member of the group, Westside Gunn, that came out with his little daughter. When he got done my particular favorite, Benny the Butcher, came out then shortly after Conway The Machine. The show was good as the 3 lyricists traded bars and got the crowd into every line with added ad-libs and all. You can tell each artists has their own set of die hard fans. It was a good show and actually the first show of their tour. Because the album is still new, some of the songs may not be memorized by the members just yet so it was understandable how Benny the Butcher forgot his verse to song Scotties. Afterwards, he shook it off and finished the verse A Capella. The entire show was a NY party, good show, but the logistics and timing had the crowd a little anxious.