• TayDay

Davido & Summer Walker Giving Us Vibes for After Quarantine

The video for the single "D & G" just dropped yesterday and let me say, it is a whole vibe!! Although this song actually came out back in 2019, the buzz did not hit as hard; but I feel like this new drop might change that. With such a beautifully done video paired with Davido's swag and Summer Walker's vocals, this is definitely going to continue to be a hit into summer 2020. I truly liked the whole concept of this visual. It gave me nostalgia, colorfulness, and my favorite, Black love. So off rip, I was feeling it.

The opening scene in the diner really gave me that Kelis "Milkshake" energy; everyone just having a good time, vibing with each other. Leading into a classic basketball park scene, straight out of any 00's R&B video. I loved the use of the old school video recording shoots intertwined with scenes of Davido and his love interest. It's like watching your favorite 90's movie but in a dope ass music video. The transitions that lead into colorful backdrops were super smooth. It beautifully showed the love being Davido and Summer's significant others by using colors like reds, yellows, greens and floral accents. These colors symbolize love, passion loyalty, happiness, harmony, growth and fertility. I feel like this imagery gave this video that flare that it needed and puts fans into the head space of a nice summer day, or just being around someone with positive energy.

Such a dope song to resurface during this quarantine! I am definitely going to take time to get my dutty down pact for when this plays at the club! Check out the new full video below!