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Detroit Heatseaker Boldy James Signs With Griselda Records and Announces 'The Versace Tape' Project

I've been saying for years, nobody pays attention to Boldy James. Now look!

Boldy James is not just your average rapper. He's a little more rough around the edges yet holds true to his name, bold. He truly paints pictures with his words but not with pastels but with hues of dark grey and blues. Now the worlds new most dangerous group, Griselda, see him worthy of adding him to their roster.

Boldy has already had one of the best albums this year, The Price of Tea in China, and now he's about to drop his debut with the label which is not to mention produced by social media socialite, Jay Versace.

I've followed Boldy since his Mass Appeal days, he's always been solid. I'm glad he is back on the radar and I anticipate this project. Detroit, support your local artists! Boldy been on for a while! The track list is locked and loaded now we just wait for the release Aug. 14!

  1. “Pony Down” (Intro)

  2. “Maria”

  3. “Nu Wave”

  4. “Cartier”f. El Camino

  5. “Brick Van Exel”

  6. “Long Live Julio”

  7. “Monte Cristo”

  8. “Cardinal Sin”

  9. “Bentayga”

  10. “Roxycontin” f. Westside Gunn, Keisha Plum & Tiona Deniece